on an itsy-bitsy hiatus

“Prinzessin Hyazinthe ” Alphonse Mucha 1911

for the next several days { hopefully less than a week } my heart’s love songs is going to be on hiatus which means there will not be any posts during that time.  i intend to move the blog to the actual url for my heart’s love songs but need to set up the design,  widgets,  blogrolls,  etc. before making the move.

i hope you will come back next week { you’ll be able to use either http://myheartslovesongs.wordpress.com or https://haikulovesongs.wordpress.com }  and please feel free to browse the archives until then.  or even better,  click on the pink flower at the top of  the left sidebar and peruse the amazing poets in the featured poet series.  { the series is still continuing through the summer. }

thank you for stopping by!  see you soon!



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6 responses to “on an itsy-bitsy hiatus

  1. Looking forward to your return, Dani!! May it be soon.

  2. thank you, Mary! ♥ i hope it’s soon, too. {smile}

  3. I’ll be here whenever you are, SP!

  4. thank you, Sis! ♥ it’s going slower than i had hoped. {smile}

  5. Enjoy your break! I am amazed at how many great pieces you are able to write, one after the other. I will be back soon!

  6. thank you, winnie! ♥ you’re very sweet!

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